OBBLM is a Blood Bowl league manager that works by coaches submitting match data after each played match in a tournament. League commissioners (admins) may create tournaments and include certain coaches' teams to participate in a tournament. When a tournament is created, the two coaches participating in any match may submit a match report to the system. The manager will thereby be able to update tournament stats and team details - including giving the team coach access to chose new player skills etc. The order in which tournament matches are played/submitted does not matter, and if the need may arise, league commissioners are able to delete unplayed matches.

The Coach Corner:
When you have received a password from a league commissioner, and you have logged on, your personal coach corner will be activated in the menu bar. At your coach corner you will be able to create new teams, and change your password, e-mail and your coach name.

Team page
At your team page you may manage your team. This includes buying and selling players, choosing player skills when your player has the required amount of SPP, and buying other goods for your team.
At your team page you will be presented with your team roster. To view player details select the "toggle roster view"-link below the roster.

Submitting a played match:
Once a match has been played, you must let the system know by submitting the match data in the Matches-->Tournaments section. This can under agreement be done by either team's coach. Only the two participating team coaches and league commissioners have edit access to the match reports.


Q: I can't seem to save a player's injury when submitting match data.
A: OBBLM will refuse to save a specific injury if the sum of the characteristic thereby will drop below the allowed default - 2 limit.

Q: I'm not able to select the achieved characteristic I wish?
A: You are by rule not allowed to select any further achieved characteristics if it leads to the player having more than default + 2 of that characteristic.

Q: I have saved a match with wrong match data, and now OBBLM has created a new match with the wrong contestants. How do I correct this?
A: First you delete the falsely created match, and then you resave the old match with the correct match data, which recreates the new match.

Q: I can't seem to save -1 fan factor when submitting match data?
A: OBBLM will refuse to save any further negative fan factor values if your team already has 0 fan factor.

Q: Re-roll prices are no longer doubled?
A: Have you switched on the setting "static re-rolls prices"? If not, what you experience is due to your league having started on a new tournament, in which no matches yet have been played. The RR-prices will become doubled again once the first match has been played.

Q: I have suddenly a dead player alive again on my roster?
A: Re-save the match in which the player died.

Q: I see only fields on the match submitting pages for the inducements stars and mercenaries, where are the others?
A: Such fields do not exist yet. If you wish to document these match details, you can write them in the match summary.

Q: I'm having trouble uploading pictures. How can i resolves this?
A: OBBLM supports only .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .png file types. Still having trouble? Try a mozilla browser.

Q: After hiring a journeyman he stays on my roster even though he has already competed in a match. Why is this so?
A: OBBLM does not automatically fire journeymen after their first match. You must do so yourself the same way as ordinary players are fired (via. the team page).

Q: I would like to create my own tournament ranking system. How do I do this?
A: Please see the settings.php file.

Q: How do I heal all of a team's MNGs?
A: Simply open the match report from the team's latest played match, and reassign the injuries sustained as ageing injuries - these do not result in MNGs.


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